Saturday, July 21, 2018

AI Trends White Papers

The results are in: only 2% of customers prefer chatbots. Yet 66% of businesses plan to use a chatbot this year, with the intention to improve customer satisfaction. Are you surprised? If so, you’re not alone. Understanding customer expectations is key to your CX strategy. But technology and consumer preferences change so fast. How well do you really know what your customers want?

The Genesys State of CX Report surveyed roughly 2,000 consumers and 1,300 businesses around the world. Discover what your customers expect when it comes to bots, AI, mobile messaging, and more. Read this white paper to see how we examine customer experience from the perspective of consumers and businesses to provide insight about:

  • How consumers prefer to interact with a business
  • What consumers value most when engaging with a business
  • What personal information consumers are willing to share for a better CX experience

2018 Customer Service Trends: How Operations Become Faster, Cheaper and Yet More Human – Sponsored by Nuance Communications, Inc.

Consumer demands for easy, effortless service across an ever-expanding number of channels and touchpoints continue to rise and businesses are challenged to keep pace. With loyalty and revenue at stake, organizations that emerge as customer experience leaders will be those that leverage automation, AI and human assistance at the right points in a customer’s journey to transform the core of their service operations.

Download the 2018 Customer Service Trends: How Operations Become Faster, Cheaper and Yet More Human report to learn:

  • Best practices for applying automation, AI and human assistance throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Attributes of enterprise chatbots/virtual assistants that truly deliver on customer needs
  • Why consumers increasingly prefer conversational voice interfaces

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Artificial Intelligence for Citizen Services and Government

This paper explores the various types of AI applications, and current and future uses of AI in government delivery of citizen services, with a focus on citizen inquiries and information. It also offers strategies for governments as they consider implementing AI.

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