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Entering the Conversational Era: What Chatbot Vendors Aren’t Telling You and How to Address the Challenge

January 26, 2017 – 1:00pm edt

Turning hype into action for emerging technologies like conversational AI, chatbots, machine learning, and natural language can be confusing and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We will tell you what other vendors won’t to help you break through the noise and get you on your way to successfully leading your company into the conversational era.

Join our live webinar on January 26 to hear our lessons learned from working with 75 of the top Fortune 500 companies, practical application trends for customers and employees alike, and what to watch out for.

We will cover:

  • Hype vs reality: Candid insight to what’s possible, what should be possible, and what’s myth
  • Lessons learned: Emerging themes from inaugural deployments and even some pitfalls to avoid
  • Where to start: Step-by-step plan and essentials for an enterprise-ready strategy
    Learn from the experts already working with the most innovative enterprises embracing this technological evolution.

Presenter: Lindsay Sanchez, Bots evangelist, Kore, Head of Strategic Operations & Chief Marketing Officer, Kore, Inc.

As the head of strategic operations and CMO for Kore, Lindsay leverages her experience in product and business strategy, enterprise consulting and strategic marketing to develop and lead the company’s go-to-market approach. She has a proven track record as a business-oriented and technical executive, having spent 16 years working with multi-billion dollar high-tech companies and CIOs from Fortune 500 enterprises.

Previous Webinars Now Available for Download

Top 15 Use Cases for Artificial Intelligence – produced October 6

The AI market may be enabled by technology, but ultimately it is a more practical focus on use cases that will define the business of AI.  Based on Tractica’s comprehensive analysis of more than 300 potential use cases, this webinar will provide details and insights on the top 15 use cases, in terms of revenue potential during the next decade, that represent the industry’s most promising areas for implementation and growth.  The
discussion will include real-world case study examples, an assessment of which industry players are pursuing specific applications, and a quantification of the market opportunity for each of the top use cases.

Presenters: Clint Wheelock, Managing Director, Tractica and Aditya Kaul, Research Director, Tractica

Enterprise AI Adoption: Commercial Impact of AI and Machine Learning in Vertical Industries produced September 29

Presenter: Caroline Gabriel, Research Director & Co-Founder, Rethink Technology Research

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics are poised to transform processes and costs for businesses worldwide. Studies show they will deliver trillions of dollars of new value, yet 60% of companies say they lack the knowledge to implement AI.

This webinar will address that issue. It will provide the highlights of a brand new report, ‘Enterprise AI Adoption: Commercial Impact of AI and Machine Learning on Vertical Industries’.  This webinar will provide decision makers with a concise, digestible guide to the essential issues of deploying AI for business impact.

Specialized Digital Assistants and Bots – produced Sept 1, 2016

Dr. Bill Meisel, author of the recently published report: Specialized Digital Assistants and Bots: Vendor Guide and Market Study (available thru AI Trends here) presents this webinar based on the 256 page report covering over 170 Intelligent Assistants & Bots.

AI through intelligent assistants and Bots will play an integral role that all companies and app developers must address: providing a natural language interface with customers. General personal assistants that were initially developed for mobile phones are now expanding to homes, cars, and the desktop, have driven the awareness that an individual can ask for what they want in human language. And now, leading messaging services are letting you text outside applications—“bots”—to connect with a company or service.

State-of-the-Practice: Innovative Machine Learning Business Use Cases in the Enterprise – produced August 23, 2016

AI World and deepsense.io are pleased to present a webinar focused on the state-of-the-practice in machine learning in the enterprise. Attendees will learn how advanced machine learning and data science technologies are being used to build competitive advantage, drive new business opportunities and accelerate innovation efforts.

Michał Iwanowski will introduce attendees to specific machine learning use cases that will help you to understand how machine learning can save your company money by cutting costs, automate business processes and develop new business solutions for problems that previously seemed unsolvable. No programming or statistic knowledge is needed. Presented by Michal Iwanowski, Product Director, deepsense.io

AI Gets Edgy: How New Chips and Code are Pushing Artificial Intelligence from the Centralized Cloud Out to Network Nodes – produced July 20, 2016

AI has relied on energy-hogging fast processors and large datasets for training neural networks – both of which presupposed centralized computing architectures. But today, more powerful chips are letting AI escape from centralized, cloud-based systems and move out to devices at the edge of the network. Among incumbents, Intel spent a whopping $16.7 billion on AI chipmaker Altera; Google is developing an AI chip called Tensor and working with Movidius to put AI on a USB stick; and Nvidia has dropped $2 billion so far on its Tesla graphics chip for machine vision and other AI tasks.

AI Meets Industry: An Overview of Emerging Business Cases for AI – produced May 2016

AI has long been locked up in the lab, but with enterprise vendors and startups now incorporating it into their offerings, it’s entering industry in more and more ways. Some applications, like predictive maintenance or demand forecasting, are common across nearly all companies, and increasingly a proven business case. Others like route optimization in transportation and logistics, or predicting drug interactions in medicine, are highly specific to one industry – and likely to drive competitive differentiation. Lux Research VP Mark Bünger will describe the shared and specific ecosystems in these and a variety of other fields, explaining where they fit, what matters, who to watch, and what will happen next.